Watch this video and more on CorePower Yoga On Demand

Watch this video and more on CorePower Yoga On Demand

YS Core & Cardio with Keira P

Keira P • 53m

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  • C2 Firefly with Keira P

    Get in the flow, find expansion and the courage to fly.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Skandasana, Reclined Crow Pose, Reclined Big Toe Pose, Shoulder Pressing Pose, Firefly
    target areas: hamstrings, outer & inner thighs, shoulders
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or are pregn...

  • YS Booty Blast with Keira P

    Feel the burn with a deep glute focused class. Pulse through a fierce lower body series to challenge your body and strengthen your mind.

    suggested props: weights
    poses: plank & push-up variations, squats, cardio, hip lifts, back & biceps
    target areas: lower body: glutes, & inner & outer thig...

  • C2 Open Heart with Keira P

    Open yourself to vulnerability as your work toward Wheel pose. Create length in your front body and lift your heart.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Standing Figure Four, Crescent Lunge, Vertical Twist, Forearm Plank/Sphinx, Dancer, Hero’s Pose, Bridge
    target areas: shoulders, hips, hamstrings