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Watch this video and more on CorePower Yoga On Demand

Watch this video and more on CorePower Yoga On Demand

YS Low Body Conditioning with Laura M.

Booty Burn • 1h 0m

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  • C2 Power Up Your Glutes with Heather P.

    Fire up your glutes and free your hips with a short flow to create balance in your body for the rest of the day.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Warrior 3, Double Pigeon, Bridge, Wheel
    target areas: glutes
    sweat level: 2

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doc...

  • YS Glute Strength with Nicole P.

    Fire up your glutes and quads to reverse the effects of long days at a desk with this challenging class. Feel invigorated as you power through an intense cardio series along with a deep burn for your lower body.

    suggested props: 2 blocks
    target areas: glutes, lower body
    sweat level: 3

    If ...

  • YS Backline Strong with Matt W.

    Sitting hunched over our devices can weaken our back muscles and collapse our shoulders forward. Empower those areas of your body by creating space in your chest and building a strong backline as you move toward Wheel Pose.

    suggested props: 2 sets of weights
    target areas: back, glutes
    sweat ...