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Guided Meditation: Learn Ujjayi Breath with Galen K.

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  • Guided Meditation: Learn Ujjayi Breat...

  • Compass Pose with Kat S.

    Explore drills to prepare and strengthen your body for Compass Pose.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Side Plank Runner's Lunge, Fallen Triangle Leg Lift, Revolved Seated Forehead to Knee, Half Happy Baby Backpack, Compass Pose
    target areas: inner thighs, hamstrings, hips, upper body
    sweat leve...

  • Flying Frog & Firefly with Heather P.

    Work a few simple drills that will help you move toward Flying Frog and Firefly.

    suggested props: 2 blocks
    poses: Flying Frog and Firefly
    target areas: hips and core
    sweat level: 2

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before practicing.