Gratitude Through Movement

Gratitude Through Movement

5 Seasons

Power your movement with gratitude in this weeklong series that will explore mindfulness and deep strengthening poses. Balance C1, C2 and Sculpts sequences with a meditation to create full mind and body balance. If you need an extra rest day, listen to your body and hop back on the series the next day!

Day 1: C2 Effort & Ease with Ross D (20 mins)
Day 2: C1 Gentle Empowerment with Genieve C (60 min)
Day 3: Mindful Movement Meditation (5 min)
Day 4: C2 Fly Your Pigeon with Heather P (60 min)
Day 5: YS Mind & Body Strength with Job B (20 min)

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Gratitude Through Movement
  • C2 Fly Your Pigeon with Heather P

    Episode 1

    Launch and expand with a powerful, challenging sequence meant to ground you in your gratitude and fire up your muscles for Flying Pigeon. Turn on your outer hips and core to create stability throughout your body.

    suggested props: 2 blocks
    poses: Flying Pigeon, Flying Squirrel
    target areas: o...