5 Day Quick Sweat Challenge

5 Day Quick Sweat Challenge

5 Seasons

Welcome to your week-long Quick Sweat Challenge! In under 30 minutes a day for just 5 days you can strengthen your body & mind while creating a movement habit. This series of classes is designed to give you a full body challenge each day and fit right into your schedule. Practice new movements and try on new poses, knowing we’re all flowing and sweating together in our own spaces. We’ve included guided meditations for post-flow grounding and to bring you back to breath. All you need is your mat - enjoy your practice!

Day 1: C2 Twist & Flow w Melissa L (20 mins)
+ Meditation: Find Your Breath

Day 2: YSB Quick Tone with Ross D (30 mins)
+ Meditation: Create Stillness

Day 3: C2 Power & Balance with Ryan M (20 mins)
+ Meditation: Open Heart

Day 4: YSB Full Body Endurance with Genieve C (30 mins)
+ Meditation: Gratitude as a State of Mind

Day 5: C2 Open Hips with Lisa B (20 mins)
+ Meditation: Let Go of Stress

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5 Day Quick Sweat Challenge
  • C2 Twist & Flow with Melissa L.

    Episode 1

    Twist and detox your body, lengthening your hamstrings and opening your hips with a quick flow.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Revolved Triangle
    target areas: core, outer hips, hamstrings
    sweat level: 2

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before practi...

  • Find Your Breath

    Episode 2

    Focus on breath and finding calm in this guided meditation.