Poses for Perspective

Poses for Perspective

5 Seasons

Flip your perspective and practice getting upside down, challenging your core strength in this gentle inversion series. You'll develop the inner stability and build your upper body to move through inversion practices and reep the benefits of sending your heart above your head.

Day 1: C1.5 Ground & Get Upside Down with Catrina R (20 mins)
Day 2: C2 Flip Your Perspective with Melissa L (20 mins)
Day 3: C3 Arm Balance Challenge with Job B (60 min)
Day 4: C2 Balance Training with Shervin S (30 mins)
Day 5: Daily Gratitude Meditation

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Poses for Perspective
  • C1.5 Ground & Get Upside Down with Catrina R.

    Episode 1

    Create a strong foundation focused on your upper body and core stability to work from Crow Pose into layers of Tripod Headstand.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Tripod Headstand
    target areas: core, upper body
    sweat level: 1

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your ...