Move with Intention

Move with Intention

5 Seasons

At the start of each class in this series, take 5 minutes to set an intention for your practice. Using your breath to guide you in mindful flows, keep coming back to your intention during rests and pauses in practice to guide your movement and deeply connect to your core. You'll move from a heart-opening HPF to a blood pumping Sculpt with more presence and ease with the power of intention setting.

Day 1: HPF Heart Expansion with Sam L (60 min) + Let's Talk Ujjayi Breath
Day 2: C1 Balanced Flow with Matt W (30 min)
Day 3: C2 Stability through Ease with Whitney G (30 min)
Day 4: YSB Cardio Intervals with Melvin R (20 min)
Day 5: Morning Inspiration Meditation (5 mins)

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Move with Intention
  • C1 Balanced Flow with Matt W

    Episode 1

    Show your midsection some love with a short core building practice. Flow through strengthening poses to create an inner fire and full body burn. Balance out with grounding stretches and restorative breath.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Eagle, Dancer's
    target areas: core, legs
    sweat level: 2