Gratitude Through Movement

Gratitude Through Movement

5 Seasons

Power your movement with gratitude in this weeklong series that will explore mindfulness and deep strengthening poses. Balance C1, C2 and Sculpts sequences with a meditation to create full mind and body balance. If you need an extra rest day, listen to your body and hop back on the series the next day!

Day 1: C2 Effort & Ease with Ross D (20 mins)
Day 2: C1 Gentle Empowerment with Genieve C (60 min)
Day 3: Mindful Movement Meditation (5 min)
Day 4: C2 Fly Your Pigeon with Heather P (60 min)
Day 5: YS Mind & Body Strength with Job B (20 min)

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Gratitude Through Movement
  • C1 Gentle Empowerment with Genieve C

    Episode 1

    Ground down and connect to your breath, building a slow burn and core stability to try on Half Moon and Crow.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Half Moon, Crow Pose, Camel Pose
    target areas: hips, hamstrings
    sweat level: 1

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor bef...