Connect to Breath

Connect to Breath

5 Seasons

As you move through this series, focus on the breath as your guide, taking time to connect back to its power and using it to flow with mindfulness. From C1 to Sculpt you'll become more practiced at aligning with your breath and connect deeper into yourself, learning to use it as your superpower both on and off the mat.

Day 1: C1 Ground & Connect with Margot G (20 min) + Let's Talk Ujjayi Breath
Day 2: YSB Backline Strength with Natalie L (60 min)
Day 3: C2 Breathe Into Strength with Chelsea G (20 min)
Day 4: 8 Breaths to Joy Meditation
Day 5: C2 Hamstring Expansion with Khushbu M (30 mins)

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Connect to Breath
  • C2 Hamstring Expansion with Khushbu M

    Episode 1

    Open up through your hamstrings and the backline of your body as you try on Splits.

    suggested props: none
    poses: Splits, Revolved Half Moon
    target areas: legs, hips, core
    sweat level: 2

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before practicing.