14 Day Core Challenge

14 Day Core Challenge

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Welcome to your 14 Day Core Challenge! It’s just 2 weeks to a stronger, more balanced you. This curated series of classes is designed to light a fire in your core. Your core is the foundation of every movement in your yoga practice - by building strength and stability you’ll find a deeper, more dynamic practice. Take time to stretch, meditate and hydrate as you move through the series and if you need an extra day of rest don’t sweat it! You can hop back on your journey the next day.

Day 1 - YS Core Blast with Bri L

Day 2 - C2 Tap Into Your Core with Heather P

Day 3** - YS Core & Cardio with Keira P

Day 4 - Find Balance Meditation + rest day

Day 5 - YSB Core Stability with Claire E

Day 6** - YS Double the Core with Whitney C

Day 7 - YS Oblique Work with Robbie M

Day 8 - C2 Core Balance with Job B

Day 9 - Find Your Breath Meditation + rest day

Day 10 - YSB Core and Heart Strength with Amy O

Day 11 – YS Fast Core Blast with Matt W

Day 12** - YSB Deep Core Strength with Lexy R

Day 13 - Mindful Movement Meditation + rest day

Day 14 - YS 360 Core Stability with Ross D

**If you want to pair this class with a gentle C2 to wind down, here are some options
C2 Contract & Expand with Catrina R
C2 Side Body Expansion with Lisa B
C2 Lengthen & Twist with Lara G

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14 Day Core Challenge
  • C2 Core Balance with Job B

    Episode 1

    Find new depth in your practice and trust your upper body strength to carry you toward One Legged Crow.

    suggested props: none
    poses: One Legged Crow
    target areas: core, upper body, glutes, hamstrings
    sweat level: 2

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor...