14 Day Bodyweight Challenge

14 Day Bodyweight Challenge

14 Seasons

No weights at home, no problem! In this 2 week challenge you’ll build muscle, strength, endurance and heart health by just using the weight of your body. Take it at your own pace - if you need an extra rest day or want to add a C2 into the mix, go ahead. Certain days include recommended meditations add ons to help you mindfully focus on your breath. Have fun with it!

Day 1: YSB Endurance & Strength with Ryan J (60 mins)

Day 2: YSB Core Stability with Claire E (20 mins)

Day 3: YSB Cardio Intervals with Melvin R (20 mins)

Recommended Add-ons:
Meditation: Find Balance (5 mins)

Day 4: YSB Strong Side Body with Khushbu M (60 mins)

Day 5: YSB Full Body Fit with Samson F (20 mins)

Day 6: YSB Full Body Endurance with Genieve C (30 mins)

Recommended Add-ons:
Meditation: Open Mind and Body (5 mins)

Day 7: CR Refresh & Reset with Mary Kathryn B (20 mins)

Day 8: YSB Tabata Challenge with Whitney C (60 mins)

Day 9: YSB Quick Glute Blast with Matt W (20 mins)

Day 10: Connect to Self Meditation + Run/Walk Outside

Day 11: YSB Bodyweight Work with Ryan M (60 mins)

Day 12: YSB Cardio Burst with Bri L (20 mins)

Recommended Add-ons:
Meditation: Create Stillness (5 mins)

Day 13: YSB Core Challenge with Kayla P (60 mins)

Day 14: YSB Heart Health with Laura M (30 mins)

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14 Day Bodyweight Challenge
  • YSB Endurance & Strength with Ryan J.

    Episode 1

    Create a deep burn in your low body and increase endurance as you breathe through an intense cardio workout.

    suggested props: none
    target areas: cardio, legs, glutes
    sweat level: 3

    If you have any health issues or are pregnant, please consult your doctor before practicing.